4 Apr 2023
By, Admin

Corona & Virtual Events

Time never stops and so does the evolution of mankind and technologies associated with it. Presently we are going through a pause but time is still ticking and so would the human race. In this scenario every industry is brainstorming about possible virtues out of the dooms.

We event managers are no different and have got major hit and virtual environment is all what possess our mind today.

With growing pollution, traffic and growing pressures under increasing performance barometer we had already transited to the digital age and started shifting from Physical to Virtual Events maximising output under reduced costs.

In the present situation because of the deadly COVID19 people have been cancelling their travel itineraries and signing up for webinars. Many trade shows converted their onsite plans into virtual events. Instead of a crowded expo floor, they’ll be watching live product demos from their homes or offices.

Are you one amongst them to cancel travel arrangements for industry conferences? Then better you too switch to virtual events. Recently, Facebook cancelled its F8 Software Developer Conference and Google switched to a virtual event for Google Cloud Next 2020. Don’t scrap your plans – rather, showcase your products and story with engaging virtual events. To the point of customer acquisition and conversion. With the right approach, you can generate great results from virtual events.

Online events aren’t new, but converting a large conference into a remote event, within hours or days in some cases, is fairly novel. Attendees take part in one-on-one sessions and a slew of activities from anywhere in the world.

The virtual event includes breakout sessions and keynotes in an online format. The company combines locally-hosted activities with virtual events. It includes live-streaming content and interactive sessions and integration with social media platforms creating a perfect ROI.

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