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Hello ! We are Sutraa, a creative agency based in India. Take a look around to know us.

How it all started?

In 2002, Sutraa started as a clean slate with a team of talented people ready to plunge into the real-world to articulate and bring about a change with innovative ideas in the era of events and swirl the business world with real-time response management, creating zero error zone.

Where we’re today?

Sutraa is a digitally innovative, communication, and technology company that provides end-to-end digital product engineering and digital transformation services.

Over the years, Sutraa has created many unforgettable memories and mind-blowing experiences through our various technologically innovative events and digital marketing. Sutraa believes in providing diligent attention with a clear strategic goal at every step.

Our virtual events platform gives you the power to connect with a global audience and tailor your event to meet your business objectives.
Virtual Conferences are revolutionizing the way companies interact with audiences by taking traditional conferences and hosting them online.
Similar to conventional conferences, virtual conferences are highly engaging and includes a series of large sessions run by thought leaders in the industry who present to and interact with attendees.
Delivering secure, reliable and scalable applications that help businesses excel in today’s dynamic environment.


Sutraa helps its clients with the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas.

Learning environment

Sutraa always believes in a diverse platform where users engage and interact to learn new skills.

Solution driven

At Sutraa we believe that if there is a problem, there is a solution. We reflect the same in our campaigns.

Minimizing the cost & Maximizing the profit

We believe in lowering the burden of excess cost and give the maximum output.

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