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4 Apr 2023
By, Admin

COVID19 – Virtual Era

Work from anywhere but with assured security that is what is going to be the mantra 2020 onwards.
Customers may no longer resist ‘Work from Home’ for offshore as they have seen how seamlessly it has worked in India during the recent corona crisis. To support the virtual environment, companies may look at increased security controls on such remote working models to prevent a data breach and cybersecurity threats.
India played it very well, and Indian companies switched to work from home model instantly. This flexible remote working model should offer Indian companies a secure lever to tap into the right talent globally without location constraints. Increased investments in collaboration tools would further strengthen this model.
As the virtual and remote working becomes a new reality, customers and IT companies are expected to invest significantly in the latest collaboration tools and embracing of new technologies such as 5G networks. This should provide an effective and productive delivery model for Indian IT companies.
New projects on cloud and digitization areas will be the new regime.
Customers may accelerate their journey towards Cloud and Digital adoption to minimize human touchpoints. This should create substantial business opportunities for Indian IT companies.

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