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Audience Generation

Audience Generation

Webinars and events are a great way to talk to potential buyers directly and explain your value proposition. This is especially true for industries with products that need educating and understanding on the part of the customers, for example IT, BFSI, Medicine & wellness, Medical Equipment, Pharmeceuticals etc.

However the effectiveness of a webinar/event presumes access to right audiences, which is easier said than done. An audience acquisition company can go a long way in making it all possible.

  • We have maintained database of large, mid market and small businesses of over 2,50,000 organizations
  • Our Inhouse creative and content teams to design the invitation for all platforms.
  • Email campaigns to our and hired targeted databases.
  • An in house call centre to follow up on the invitations.
  • Social media and other digital channels to reach the targeted segments.
  • SMS and WhatsApp outreach.

Correct data is the key to a successful marketing campaign. At Sutraa we offer database services to our customers with lists of the companies that form their target market, with all the desired information. As a profiled database provider, we supplement our data with other databases, digital tools, tele-calling and net search.

Our Database Services

  • Tele-calling services
  • Audience generation
  • Appointment fixing
  • Lead generation
  • Information Dissemination
  • Email campaigns
  • Digital Campaigns targeting our filtered data
  • Database profiling

The Information We Provide

The information we have about the companies in our database includes

Contact Details

Leadership contacts

Number of Employees



Special Database Segments

"Marketing without data is like driving with your eyes closed." - Dan Zarella

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