Factors impacting the seating plan of an event

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Making the ideal seating plan for your occasion should not be testing! Insofar as you are furnished with the information on the best way to approach handling the seating task, you can do it easily. Structuring the ideal seating diagram for your occasion can frequently be confounded. The objective is to make a reasonable and open to a guest plan that suits your occasion while keeping visitors and participants locked in. For most occasion organizers, this implies adjusting various elements. 

Seating plan as per the floorplan- When you have a floorplan intended to-scale, it will push you to precisely structure your format since you can decide the size of your tables and what number will fit in the space. Notwithstanding including your tables inside the floorplan, you ought to likewise incorporate the move floor, the band space, bars, and smorgasbords (if necessary), doors, and ways out. 

Occasion Purpose- The reason for your occasion is another key segment in making a perfect seating plan. For instance, will visitors need to associate or will they, for the most part, watch an introduction? Will they have to take notes or have someplace to put the materials they get? Will you need a region for food and drink, or will the food be served to the visitors at their tables? Do they need power at their table for a PC? 

Extremely late Changes- A visitor may drop out in light of the fact that they get sick or have a family crisis. Or then again, you have welcomed a companion as a solitary, yet they appear with a date. Be certain to go over the seating plan the night prior to the wedding, just to affirm any progressions that have occurred in the latest possible time. 

Visitor Count- As a rule, the littler the occasion, the more alternatives you will have. Since you will not be as stressed over amplifying the floor space, you can be progressively adaptable with your seating format or table seating graph.


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The attack is the best defence that’s how India is going to tackle the economy, make the local produce vocal under the Make In India, Skill India, and distribute the economic package through Jan Dhan. Thus, making all the decisions taken by the government in last seven-year fruitful with lot of meaning and deliverables. Even Toilet and clean India missions today make so much sense. This is the right time for India Inc to turn COVID19 into a huge opportunity making India the new global superpower. The consumption appetite creating spontaneous demand is one of the most important aspects of India’s strong economy. What we need is a good LOCAL supply chain mechanism with optimal quality and global standards, which also become the object of export, creating further revenue for the people and the state at the LOCAL level.

The 20 lac crore economic package will help industries, MSMEs & the society to revive and thrive the local businesses if not messed up by its executors. It’s a challenge today and requires new insight and aspirations which the Prime
Minister is infusing in us, and we need to discipline and learn its nuances.

If we can make unhackable EVMs, the world is our oyster, and we can make anything with humongous labor at our core, which can be skilled overnight and make it the best in the world. So think global make Local and be very Vocal about it.

Virtual Reality in COVID19 Times

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The overreaching principle of ‘self-reliance’ mentioned by honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is the need of the hour. Aatmanirbhar Bharat ( self resilient/ reliant India) is the best way forward for our nation to shine in the 21st century.

Local is now global, and we need to be vocal about it. Its a Quantum leap in “COVID19” times as the entire economy is going to change, and the Swadeshi campaign is going to rule the mind of people for a very long time. The pain of lockdown will have a very ghastly and lasting effect on people’s minds. The lifestyles will change craving new paths of survival where you do business without meeting the person, and people are learning it very fast. The best example is the young kids who are having a gala time over the internet and schooling virtually.

So this generation of millennials knows virtual/AI/Robotics in and out, and they are our future. With India having the youngest population, our adaptability to change is smoother.

Cleanliness and social distancing are the norms, and everything VIRTUAL suddenly looks so LOCAL and attractive saving time, reducing carbon footprint, using less energy, and sound more meaningful.

Virtual meets, Virtual education, Virtual prayers, Virtual campaigns, and Virtual business makes so much sense today as it respects mother nature and allows it to regenerate its original form making the environment cleaner, greener, and divine as it does not interfere at all in its affairs.

Historically it’s proven that after every such epidemic, a new economic power emerges, and India is right at the center of this pandemic fighting it fiercely, miraculously, and diligently. The vision of our prime minister and his crisis management skills are the best, and today only a marginal population out of 1.3 billion people is effected by COVID19, and India is going to be out of lockdown soon. But the fear of COVID19 is going to be there for a very long time, and VIRTUAL communication will be the key to realizing the vision and mission set aside by the Prime Minister.


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In India, the event management industry underwent a dramatic change in the past decade. It changed from being a business that just involved organising weddings to a business that takes care of everything, be it a private or public event. Now individuals as well organizations understand the need to hire professionals for the event execution. Corporate events, live entertainment shows, conferences, exhibitions, large scale weddings are just some examples of the services offered by various event management companies.

When we take look at the statistics, it can be seen that the Indian event management industry has witnessed an alarming growth as far as the size of the event management industry is concerned. It has grown significantly and experts believe that it is just the commencement of a new era. And digital activation, rural expansion, product launches, personal events, government initiatives, etc are to the growth drivers for the event industry.
The event management industry has evolved in a large scale compared to the situation of the industry one or two decades ago. Highly professional and experienced managers are taking a pro-active approach in managing the firms that fall into this domain. The firms should adopt the latest technology as it can easily be leveraged to offer customers a memorable experience. Today event management is a dynamic realm fusing conventional project management concepts with technological innovation. It requires constant up-gradation and originality to organise successful events
All industries and brands conduct events for interactive experiences and to gain popularity. Large-scale events build an image and reputation. This raises the demand for finer event managers to cater to the needs of the companies. Today, event management has multiplied vastly and in dept. From private activities to public events, everything needs management. The past years have seen a drastic re-defining of the aspects of an event. The advent of social media has also contributed majorly towards this sector. Each and every large-scale event gets highlighted not only in newspapers or T.V but also on multi-dimensional social media platforms.
From the above analysis, the event management industry portrays a rosy image of the future. It has already evolved in a lot of ways in India. Highly experienced and professionalised event managers inculcate a pro-active approach. It generates a satisfactory sense of self-participation and experimentation. They stress on the magic of guest involvement. Feedback go a long way in this sector. The client’s contentment lies in the reputation among guests. The uniqueness of an event lies in the concept of personalised elements. Event management is one such industry that demands the engagement of all five senses. An event has undoubtedly become a multi-sensory involvement.

Why trust is important to be a perfect event planner

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From weddings, birthday celebrations and achievement commemorations, through to corporate gatherings, shows, and expos, all occasions start with an arrangement. An event organizer joins their customer at the beginning times to talk through their thoughts for the occasion, the supported topics, the ideal dates and the size of accessible spending plan and will stay in consistent contact with customers previously, during and after the occasion as they manage development and settling subtleties.
Building your notoriety to turn into a believed occasion organizer does not simply lay on the event’s prosperity or disappointment, however. It likewise relies on how you present yourself and how you work with individuals. As such, you are on through and through! From the second you are employed, stay in touch with your customer to be certain you are addressing every bit of your client’s needs and objectives for the occasion. Likewise, make certain to keep all merchants on your course of events by consistently meeting up with them.
It will be much simpler for individuals to believe you on the off chance that you have a lot of understanding. Furthermore, your activity will be simpler for you once you’ve seen the scope of difficulties an occasion can toss at you. Also, the accomplished director has a system of believed experts to approach when circumstances become difficult.
Our first nature is to be comprehended by others, and in doing so we impart our point however disregard theirs. At the point when you’re doing all the talking, you may miss the whole significance of the discussion; as an occasion organizer, obviously, this is an ensured street to fiasco.

Building excitement for virtual events during the lockdown

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It might appear as though an over the top test however you won’t know until you attempt. Frequently you will locate that venturing out the remainder of your contemplations and procedure to stream. Nothing will complete except if you start, so quit putting it off.

We realize what they state about initial introductions. Individuals, for the most part, have an entirely smart thought of how they’re going to feel about a meeting well before it’s started. That is the reason building energy in advance is such a valuable strategy; it makes individuals who’ve just chosen to go happy they did and can be the tipping point for the individuals who were wavering.

Probably the most ideal approaches to urge participation is to make FOMO—that is, a Fear of Missing Out. This term portrays a circumstance where an individual see posts via web-based networking media about an occasion and stresses that they may get left out of something significant. Something like an event hashtag guides all the pre-occasion energy to one spot and makes the individuals who aren’t in on it wonder what they may be missing.

A first-rate promotion video can likewise assemble desires well. The higher the creation esteem, the more intrinsically noteworthy it will be, obviously. Yet, even a couple of clasps of things like speakers, interviews, and the area the meeting will be held at can be stunningly viable

Similarly, as an occasion can cause enthusiasm before it occurs, so can the vitality proceed with long after the event gets over. Rebroadcasting is greater at this than offering the chronicles on-request—despite the fact that there’s no explanation not to do both—in light of the fact that they have the same amount of potential for commitment as the first stream at a small amount of the expense.

Involvement is significant on the grounds as it’s compelling. At the point when an occasion gets individuals energized, it’s straightforwardly helpful to the association putting it on. The participants are more likely to go to another event and endorse it to other people, and they’ll have the option to focus and hold what they realized better.

Event Organizers: Foundation of any event

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We as a whole realize that one individual who appears to be continually in a hurry but is frequently requesting everybody’s assistance. There is a contrast among occupied and beneficial, on the off chance that you are the previous you must concentrate on being increasingly sorted out with the goal that you are really completing things. Take a gander at making a calendar or consolidating forms with the goal that you aren’t continually flittering near and sitting around idly

Consider the last occasion you joined in. How could you get some answers concerning it, and for what reason did you go? Was it simple to arrive? Was the area agreeable? Is it safe to say that you were served nourishment as well as beverages? What did you see and hear and purchase and attempt? Who did you meet? Did you get the hang of anything, live it up, leave away with new contacts? Did it intrigue you? Was it justified, despite all the trouble?

Everything that goes into causing an occasion to happen is the activity of an event organizer. Everything that goes into making it essential is the activity of a magnificent one.
An event organizer arranges an assortment of occasions to incorporate business shows, weddings, and instructive gatherings, and the sky is the limit from there. They guarantee all occasion subtleties meet their customer’s. They may work with sellers to mastermind transportation, meeting areas, nourishment administration, dwelling, and different administrations, for example, photography and videography.

Event organizers ordinarily meet planned customers to increase comprehension of the desires and needs of the occasion. They assess the size and extent of the occasion, for example, cost, time, and area. Event organizers may then request offers from potential specialist organizations and settings and review the scenes to guarantee they meet every important prerequisite of the customer. Next, they should facilitate the occasion’s administrations, for example, nourishment, housing, transportation, and even diversion.
During an occasion, an organizer handles the coordination, for example, visitor vault and masterminding the sound/visual hardware. They additionally regularly organize exercises and speakers. Notwithstanding the entirety of this, they additionally analyze the occasion bills and endorsing installment.
Event arranging isn’t a simple activity. It gets more earnestly as you draw nearer to the occasion. A smidgen of a minute ago franticness is normal, however on the off chance that you follow the counsel we’ve given here, you will set yourself in a place to manage it as most ideal as.

Event Management – A Zero Error Zone

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Event Management isn’t for weak-willed. Its more of searching the correct atmosphere, adhering to a sensible spending plan, following participation, ensuring everything is smooth and crisis-free and executed to the nearest perfection. A Zero error zone where a significant day requires executioner’s hierarchical abilities and perfect delegation.

So how would you monitor everything? Clingy notes, Excel documents, and a divider schedule are largely well, yet they’re not going to spare your rational soundness.

You need answers with accountability that permits you to bore down into all the quick and dirty subtleties yet, in addition, encourages you to center around the scalable vision. With the correct apparatus, you can organize what’s significant, perceive how all the mobile parts fit together, and above all, have the true serenity that nothing’s escaping everyone’s notice.

An occasion coordinator is recollected by the experience he gives to his participants. On the occasions business, there is an adage “Once an awful impression, constantly a terrible impression”. Slip-ups during occasion arranging can have genuine repercussions.

On the off chance that there is a negative encounter for your occasion, you are regularly completed in the merciless opportunist industry and from that point onward, it is generally difficult to “attempt once more”. It would require a great deal of exertion – both money related and physical to defeat the lack of anything during the event.

Taking everything into account, regardless of how decidedly ready you think you will be, you should check, twofold check and afterward check once more! The best arrangement is consistently to check and twofold check. You can’t hope to do everything yourself if you are the organizer. Not having the right sort of workforce dealing with an occasion can be a catastrophe waiting to happen. With a little association and the correct apparatus, event planning shouldn’t be a cerebral pain.


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Work from anywhere but with assured security that is what is going to be the mantra 2020 onwards.
Customers may no longer resist ‘Work from Home’ for offshore as they have seen how seamlessly it has worked in India during the recent corona crisis. To support the virtual environment, companies may look at increased security controls on such remote working models to prevent a data breach and cybersecurity threats.
India played it very well, and Indian companies switched to work from home model instantly. This flexible remote working model should offer Indian companies a secure lever to tap into the right talent globally without location constraints. Increased investments in collaboration tools would further strengthen this model.
As the virtual and remote working becomes a new reality, customers and IT companies are expected to invest significantly in the latest collaboration tools and embracing of new technologies such as 5G networks. This should provide an effective and productive delivery model for Indian IT companies.
New projects on cloud and digitization areas will be the new regime.
Customers may accelerate their journey towards Cloud and Digital adoption to minimize human touchpoints. This should create substantial business opportunities for Indian IT companies.


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Time never stops and so does the evolution of mankind and technologies associated with it. Presently we are going through a pause but time is still ticking and so would the human race. In this scenario every industry is brainstorming about possible virtues out of the dooms.

We event managers are no different and have got major hit and virtual environment is all what possess our mind today.

With growing pollution, traffic and growing pressures under increasing performance barometer we had already transited to the digital age and started shifting from Physical to Virtual Events maximising output under reduced costs.

In the present situation because of the deadly COVID19 people have been cancelling their travel itineraries and signing up for webinars. Many trade shows converted their onsite plans into virtual events. Instead of a crowded expo floor, they’ll be watching live product demos from their homes or offices.

Are you one amongst them to cancel travel arrangements for industry conferences? Then better you too switch to virtual events. Recently, Facebook cancelled its F8 Software Developer Conference and Google switched to a virtual event for Google Cloud Next 2020. Don’t scrap your plans – rather, showcase your products and story with engaging virtual events. To the point of customer acquisition and conversion. With the right approach, you can generate great results from virtual events.

Online events aren’t new, but converting a large conference into a remote event, within hours or days in some cases, is fairly novel. Attendees take part in one-on-one sessions and a slew of activities from anywhere in the world.

The virtual event includes breakout sessions and keynotes in an online format. The company combines locally-hosted activities with virtual events. It includes live-streaming content and interactive sessions and integration with social media platforms creating a perfect ROI.