The attack is the best defence that’s how India is going to tackle the economy, make the local produce vocal under the Make In India, Skill India, and distribute the economic package through Jan Dhan. Thus, making all the decisions taken by the government in last seven-year fruitful with lot of meaning and deliverables. Even Toilet and clean India missions today make so much sense. This is the right time for India Inc to turn COVID19 into a huge opportunity making India the new global superpower. The consumption appetite creating spontaneous demand is one of the most important aspects of India’s strong economy. What we need is a good LOCAL supply chain mechanism with optimal quality and global standards, which also become the object of export, creating further revenue for the people and the state at the LOCAL level.

The 20 lac crore economic package will help industries, MSMEs & the society to revive and thrive the local businesses if not messed up by its executors. It’s a challenge today and requires new insight and aspirations which the Prime
Minister is infusing in us, and we need to discipline and learn its nuances.

If we can make unhackable EVMs, the world is our oyster, and we can make anything with humongous labor at our core, which can be skilled overnight and make it the best in the world. So think global make Local and be very Vocal about it.


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