In India, the event management industry underwent a dramatic change in the past decade. It changed from being a business that just involved organising weddings to a business that takes care of everything, be it a private or public event. Now individuals as well organizations understand the need to hire professionals for the event execution. Corporate events, live entertainment shows, conferences, exhibitions, large scale weddings are just some examples of the services offered by various event management companies.

When we take look at the statistics, it can be seen that the Indian event management industry has witnessed an alarming growth as far as the size of the event management industry is concerned. It has grown significantly and experts believe that it is just the commencement of a new era. And digital activation, rural expansion, product launches, personal events, government initiatives, etc are to the growth drivers for the event industry.
The event management industry has evolved in a large scale compared to the situation of the industry one or two decades ago. Highly professional and experienced managers are taking a pro-active approach in managing the firms that fall into this domain. The firms should adopt the latest technology as it can easily be leveraged to offer customers a memorable experience. Today event management is a dynamic realm fusing conventional project management concepts with technological innovation. It requires constant up-gradation and originality to organise successful events
All industries and brands conduct events for interactive experiences and to gain popularity. Large-scale events build an image and reputation. This raises the demand for finer event managers to cater to the needs of the companies. Today, event management has multiplied vastly and in dept. From private activities to public events, everything needs management. The past years have seen a drastic re-defining of the aspects of an event. The advent of social media has also contributed majorly towards this sector. Each and every large-scale event gets highlighted not only in newspapers or T.V but also on multi-dimensional social media platforms.
From the above analysis, the event management industry portrays a rosy image of the future. It has already evolved in a lot of ways in India. Highly experienced and professionalised event managers inculcate a pro-active approach. It generates a satisfactory sense of self-participation and experimentation. They stress on the magic of guest involvement. Feedback go a long way in this sector. The client’s contentment lies in the reputation among guests. The uniqueness of an event lies in the concept of personalised elements. Event management is one such industry that demands the engagement of all five senses. An event has undoubtedly become a multi-sensory involvement.


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